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Looks like our girl has been keeping herself busy, as Maggie will portray Lisette in One Percent More Humid as noted in the instagram post here. The caption reads as follows.

5 DAYS until we premiere @tribeca! As we continue our #countdown to #tribeca2017 we want to introduce you to our incredible cast of @onepercentmorehumid. Today we would like you to meet LISETTE, played by #maggiesiff.

Film synopsis and Screening times can be found below.

ONE PERCENT MORE HUMID is an atmospheric drama about friendship and grief. IRIS and CATHERINE, college-age childhood friends, reunite for a humid New England summer to help each other cope with the unimaginable — a friend has died in a car accident, an accident which they both survived. But their shared experience has only driven a wedge between them, and despite their efforts at diversion — skinny-dipping, tag sale-ing, partying – Catherine and Iris soon seek refuge in other people. Iris starts an affair with her married thesis advisor, a poet at a crossroads in his career and marriage. Catherine seeks out her once-crush, now-enemy, Billy, the brother of her late friend, and they act out their grief in ways carnal and complex. When their late friend’s family sues Catherine for manslaughter, the girls must repair their friendship and help each other find a way to the other side of grief.

Four days until ‘One Percent More Humid’ opens at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.

FRI | 4/21 | 9:15PM / SVA THEATER 1 Silas
SUN | 4/23 | 4:15PM / CINEPOLIS Chelsea 3
MON | 4/24 | 7:45PM / CINEPOLIS Chelsea1
TUE | 4/25 | 10:00PM / REGAL Battery Park 11-11

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